About Us

LePetitSucre is a family owned company that specializes in hand crafted French Macarons. We love to make classic desserts from scratch with the best ingredients.

Whether it’s the fruit in our filings or the farm fresh eggs used in the meringue shells, quality is most important.

Unlike other bakeries, we use 100% California-made almond flour to ensure our macarons are both delicious and Gluten Free. This and our small-batch baking process helps develop authentic and decadent treats you cannot find anywhere else in Chicago.

Pastry Chef Sharon Shay began her journey in Marseille, France. Growing up with her Grandmother nearby, Sharon was always coming up with new and creative twists to timeless/classic desserts. Inspired by both her Mother and Grandmother and driven to learn more French Classical techniques, Sharon moved to Chicago with her husband and attended Le Cordon Blue. After completing her Patisserie and Baking Degree she perfected the French macaron family recipe, while also adding her own spin. Staying true to her French roots, Sharon uses high quality ingredients like our chocolate ganache filling that is a step above the rest, with quality you can taste.

Our loyal customers from mom-and-pop neighborhood cafes, ice cream shop, grocery stores and national restaurant chains, from food service companies to other food manufacturers.

If you’re already a customer, thank you for your continued business, If you’re not and want to or Request a free Sample please free to Contact Us.